Chairman’s Message

I like to welcome you to our webpage and hope to meet your expectations on learning more about our services. We have tried to use real pictures of the projects showing the pavement defects you may come across at your jobsite or network as well as methods to rectify them.

Sunway Sealing Inc. started it’s activates in Canada since 2012 utilizing pioneer equipment and materials in pavement maintenance and repairs to promote asphalt & concrete preservation with new concepts.

The various pictures you see at the site are showing the actual site conditions and have been tried to take in a way to show the real summery of jobsites throughout Middle East and Africa. We have had the chance to demonstrate and show the advantages of pavement crack and joint sealing technology to numerous clients throughout Canada, Middle East, and North Africa.

Varieties of services and locations have been shown to demonstrate the ability to customize your needs according to project specifications and available budget, especially when the job is a new concept.

We are able to mobilize & demobilize for DEMO to interested serious clients or engineering departments to show how these preventive methods will work and postpone expensive repairs. According to your needs we either apply or supply for the similar projects through our offices in Canada & UAE.

We continue to introduce and inspire new clients to use advance pavement sealing methods and enjoy their benefits, especially when they drive on them in the next hour!

In this time that energy and budget preservation has become priority for many governmental organizations and stakeholders the application of such technologies is viable.

I hope by browsing this site you manage to find the information you need, however we will gladly answer any queries you might have on details not found at the site.

Farzad Tooryani

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