Asphalt Crack Sealing on Random Cracks

  1. Proper Cracks For Sealing
  1. Routing of Cracks
  1. Surface cleaning by wind blower
  1. Cleaning inside of the crack by Hot Air Lance
  1. Hot application of rubberized sealant
  1. Applying cement powder for faster curing
  1. View of Performed Job
  1. Joint Condition before the job
  1. Joint-Reservoir creation
  1. Cleaning
  1. Mastic Tape
  1. Sealant Application
  1. Spreading Cement
  1. Performed Jobs

We supply hot & cold applied rubberized sealant, seal coating products, emulsion, and bitumen in new / recycled drums in all grades. All standard grades and penetrations can be offered on request. We are ready to sign contracts on bitumen export transactions to all over the world and accept LOI accordingly. Bitumen will be supplied from UAE either on CFR or Ex-Dubai basis details of which can be discussed. We have worked with clients throughout Middle East, North Africa, as well as CIS countries.

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