About Us

Sunway Sealing Inc. provides pavement repair and preventive maintenance specialized services with advanced machinery and equipment as well as premium materials for road projects in Canada, Asia, and Africa.

Supply & Apply of the following services

    • Asphalt crack & joint sealing
    • Concrete crack & joint sealing
    • Asphalt seal coating
    • Application as contracting, subcontracting, and EPC projects

Crack sealing technology has demonstrated excellent results when it is applied on time and at proper pavement PCI. It has been proven to postpone the need for expensive repairs such as asphalt milling & overlays. It also extends the serviceable life of pavement to at least 5 years or more.

Sunway Sealing Inc. is the authorized representative of Marathon Equipment Inc. in Middle East and Africa. Marathon is a Canadian manufacturer of high quality asphalt repair and maintenance machinery. They produce a wide variety of crack routers, rubberized crack sealing kettles, hot asphalt haulers, tack coat applicators, and seal coating equipment. Their worldwide distribution has proven these methods to save significant amount of budget in road, highway, runway, and airfields repairs..

In addition to application, we supply below material and Equipment

  • Rubberized hot applied sealant
  • Cold applied sealant
  • Backer Rod
  • Bitumen
  • Emulsion

Machinery and Equipment

    • Asphalt and concrete router
    • Asphalt haulers and transporters
    • Bitumen and emulsion spreader
    • Asphalt and concrete Infrared heaters and patching equipment
    • Asphalt heater and recyclers
    • Mastic Mixer for pothole repairs
    • Seal coating equipment and sprayers
    • Rubberized sealing kettles and heaters
    • Light line marking & striping machinery
    • Bitumen and emulsion applicators and sprayers
    • Hot applied sealant applicator
    • Seal coating equipment
Crack sealing application with Marathon kettle KERA145HD at underpass